Bộ cảm biến lỗi RIKEN PMC-3
  • Bộ cảm biến lỗi RIKEN PMC-3

The Flagship model consolidating functions of existing detectors.
Corresponds to various applications with the condensed functions.

PMC-3 is the flagship model of our malfunction detector, designed with collecting our know-how based on a long years’ experience and high-end technologies, and enhancing the further expandability with newly adding large liquid crystal display unit. PMC-3N features various new functions and high-operability fully to meet diversified manufacturing process, and also promote quality control and improvement of productivity.


  • Enhance the functionality with additional units on demand.
  • Counter unit is easy to see by the large-sized LED display.
  • Large Liquid-Crystal Display Unit (CLT) enables production management.
  • CLT unit employs large color liquid crystal and enables wide range appreciation.
  • All 6 detection channels can be used with the individual timing in each.


●Power Supply and Output sectionPower supply100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption10W or less
Output contact1A, 1B (emergency stop output, auxiliary output)
Output contact Capacity250 VAC or less, max.3A Cosφ=1
●Detecting sectionNo.of channels6 channels
Sensor input6 channles
Timing signal inputIndependent timing signal for 6 channels and common timing signal for 1 channel (switchable from NPN to PNP and vice versa)
●Other InputsExternal reset, muting input and auxiliary input(switchable from NPN to PNP and vice versa)
●Display section6 X 2 two color LEDs: 6 pcs.for display of signal input, 6 pcs.for display of fault detection(stop state) and 1 pc.for display of all bypass
●Communication section (link terminal, 8P modular)RS-485 
Baud rate76,800bps
Data length8 bits
Stop bit1 bit
ParityNon parity
●OthersResponse timeMax. 1 ms for each input
Temperature RangeWorking:-10℃-50℃(non freezing) / Storage:-20℃-75℃
Humidity range10-85%RH (at wet bulb temperature of 29℃ or less, non condensationn)
●OptionsCounter unit, Liquid crystal color IO unit

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Bộ cảm biến lỗi RIKEN PMC-3

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